Dermica Facial Lotion

A water based formulation that contains TEA TREE OIL and RESORCINOL to neutralize bacteria causing pimples and control sebum production. Enhance with VITAMIN B5 to soothe skin inflammation.
Regular Price : P400

Dermica Purifying Soap With Tea Tree Oil


Formulated with a natural antiseptic Tea Tree Oil to neutralize bacteria causing pimples and helps eliminates excess oil.

Regular Price : P110

Dermica Purifying Toner

This unique formulation enriched with Tea tree Oil to eliminate bacteria causing pimple; Salicylic Acid to lift off dead skin and Resorcinol to control sebum production.
Regular Price : P200

Dermica Restorative Cream with SPF 30

A revolutionary repair cream that contains TEA TREE OIL to eliminates bacteria causing pimples, Vitamin B5 to soothe skin inflammation and SPF 30 as sun protection.
Regular Price : P280

Dermica Skin Renewal Soap

Formulated with glycolic acid and salicylic acid for skin exfoliation for clearer and renewal complexion.
Regular Price : P110

Dermica Antibacterial Lotion (w/Mosquito Repellant)

An antibacterial and insect repellant lotion in one! Contains TEA TREE OIL to eliminate bacteria causing blemishes. SHEA BUTTER to moisturize the skin and ANDIROBA OIL as mosquito repellant. Regular Price : P250