Porcelana Concealer Defense Cream with SPF30

Enjoy five benefits in one cream! Contains Licorice Extract for WHITENING; SPF30 for UV PROTECTION; ALOE Extract for MOISTURIZING and Cornstarch to CONCEAL imperfection. Kojic Acid dipalmitate to inhibit melanin formation, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E with effective at moisturizing surface skin cells, which prevents water loss and protects the skin from dirt and other pollutants.
Regular Price : P400

Porcelana Intensive Whitening Lotion

A Superior whitening Lotion that contains LICORICE EXTRACT and KOJIC ACID that inhibit melanin formation that prevents darkening. Enriched with Vitamin E an antioxidant that protects skin from scavengers. SHEA BUTTER and SODIUM HYALURONATE to moisturize to leaves skin smooth and supple.
Regular Price : P250

Porcelana Intense Whitening Night Cream

A hardworking night cream that contains Kojic Acid to inhibit melanin formation, Licorice Extract to whiten your skin. Enhance with Sodium Hyaluronate and Vitamin E to promote skin's elasticity and firmness. Result? Younger, brighter and more supple skin.
Regular Price : P280

Porcelana Whitening & Anti Perspirant Deodorant With Licorice Extract


Formulated with alum a proven antiperspirant/Deodorant and licorice extract that whitens your underams.

Regular Price : P100

Porcelana Whitening & Exfoliating Soap

This soap has gentle exfoliating effect to remove dead skin and for skin to effectively absorb its whitening ingredients. Formulated with Salicylic Acid for clearer and fairer complexion and licorice extract to inhibit melanin formation.
Regular Price : P110

Porcelana Whitening & Moisturizing Soap

Ideal for Dry Pigmented Skin. Formulated with kojic Acid to Inhibit melanin formation Papaya Enzyme for Fairer and Smoother complexion.
Regular Price : P110

Porcelana Whitening Toner

This unique formulation contains Licorice Extract to whiten your skin, Vitamin E for moisturizer, Alpha Hydroxy Acid and salicylic Acid to lift away dead skin cells.
Regular Price : P200