Regular Facials
A complete facial treatment used to improve facial blood circulation leaving your skin smoother & softer. It involves the extraction of stubborn blackheads and whiteheads leaving your skin looking more radiant. It unclogs your pores allowing toning, hydrating & protecting products to work more effectively. with Laser, Galvanic, Vacuum and Intensive moisturizing


Teen Facial P300 45 mins
Signature Facial P300 1 hr
Whitening Facial P300 1 hr
Clarifying Facial P300 1 1/2 hrs
Anti-Aging Facial P400 1 1/2 hrs
Pimple Treatment P400  


Phytocell Facial
Begins with deep cleansing, hydrating and exfoliation procedure followed with the application of apple stem cell serum. These Apple Stem Cells are extremely loaded with epigenetic factors and metabolites, therefore assuring the longevity of skin cells. The skin stem cells will be more protected, making the skin look rejuvenated and even more radiant. The senescence of essential cells is also delayed by using this modern anti-aging cream, called PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica. Combating chronological aging is therefore much improved. The overall aspect of your skin is going to be improved and you'll look younger in just a couple weeks.
Duration: 1 hr and 20 minsP600/session


Facial Bleach
Troubled with dark spots and pigmentation? Try this safe and conservative whitening treatment. This includes facial massage which improves blood circulation.
Duration: 30 minsP200


Face Peeling
An exfoliation method used to rejuvenate the skin, getting rid of the skin's discolorations dark spots and uneven skin tone.
Duration: 30 minsP2000/4 session pkg


Facial Paraffin
An effective treatment that restores moisture and hydrates your skin; making it softer and smoother.
Duration: 30 minsP250


Facial Clay Masks
A variety of special masks that will surely suit your skin’s needs. It best compliments our Signature Facial Treatment.


Aloe-Vera Masks (soothing/calming/refreshing) P100 15 mins
Sea Weed Mask (moisturizing) P100 15 mins
Collagen Mask (anti-aging) P100 15 mins
Tea-Tree Mask (oil control/revitalizing/soothing) P100 15 mins


Choco Face Mask.
A special mask that is best for skin lightening.
P200 20-30 mins