Diamond Peeling
It is the latest in the micro- dermabrasion technology.It is a safe, Painless way to rejuvenate the skin.
Frequency defends on the skin type / Duration : 30 minutes 
Warts Treatment
Removal of warts through electro cauterization Getting rid of that unwanted skin infection. A topical anesthesia is applied to numb the target area. An antibiotic is applied after the treatment. Warts are skin infection cause by human papiloma virus. warts eventually grow bigger and highly contagious.
P500 /25 shot 
Frequency: warts can be remove in one session but in some cases it can be repeated whenever needed. 
Duration: 45 minutes up Time depends on quatity and sizes of warts
Syringoma Treatment
Is a condition where skin growth develops in bumps around and below the eyes just above the cheeks. Syringoma is non-cancerous and is not painful,and can be treated medically or surically for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons. It is caused by over productive sweat glands around the eyes and it tend to run in the families but syringoma are not contagious.

Laserlight Hair Removal
This treatment is used to painlessly reduce hair growth and hair thickness. If done continuously permanent hair removal can be achieved because laserlight is on of the most effective and long lasting way of removing unwanted hair.
P2500 Up
Frequency once a month / Duration 30 minutes up 
Laserlight Acne Clearance
Painless way of treating severe cases of pimples or acne with the use of light pulses directly on the skin
P6,000 /session 
Twice a week for the 1st 6 session.Weekly for the next 4 sessions Once a month as maintenance. 
Duration: 30 minutes up Frequency

Photo Rejuvenation
This treatment used IPL (Intense Pulse Light) technology that encourage collagen production of the skin, smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Firms skin. improved skin texture and lightens skin pigmentation and blemishes.
Twice a week for the 1st 6 sess. Weekly for the next 4 sess. once a month as maintenance. 
Duration: 45 minutes Frequency

Cavitation Treatement
It's a non surgical treatment delivering pulsating ultrasound wave across the skin to target unwanted fat tissue.
Frequency weekly Duration: 30 minutes  
Radio Frequency (RF) Treatment
This is a non-evasive non surgical way of body sculpting and face-lifting. Getting rid of that unwanted fat without the pain of surgery, confident with yourself Getting of fine lines and creases in your face, firms and tightens your skin making you look younger.
P1500 /session
 Frequency twice a week Duration: 30 mins Body & 20 mins Face