Glutathione Injection w/ Vit C (double dose)
Glutathione is the body's master anti-oxidant plus the benefit of whitening. Get a fairer, whiter skin the fastest way!


L-Carnitine Injection
Have you tried all kinds of exercise regimen and diet plans, but to no avail? Combine it with L-Carnitine Injection. It helps convert your fats into energy! Nothing could be more effective in having a healthier, toned body when you combine exercise and diet with L-Carnitine.


Eyelash Extension
Artificial lashes will be attached to your natural lashes one by one making them longer and fuller for that exotic eye look. Lasts for 2-3 months.
Duration: 1 hr - 1 1/2 hrP1500


Eyelash Perming
Temporarily curls the lashes for 2-3 months.
Duration: 45 mins - 1 hrP350


Eyebrow Shaping
Threading / Plucking / Shaving
Duration: 15 minsP100


Egyptian Ear Candling
An Egyptian way of cleaning the ears. It removes impacted ear wax and dirt that is embedded for years. This will improve your hearing, relieves ear discomforts and clears your sinuses.
Duration: 30 minsP300


Cosmetic Tattoo
This is best for women who are on the go and don't have enough time to do make-up from time to time.
Eyebrow P2500
Eyelid P1500