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  • Fora
  • Los baños
    • Exceeds guest expectations by completing all treatments in a consistently thorough manner, within the time allocated, and by treating all clients with individual attention.
    • Knows by heart the steps, procedure, ingredients, therapeutic/cosmetic benefits of all the treatments
    • Explains the steps and benefits of the treatment to the guest prior to starting the treatment
    • Responds to all guests’ requests in a courteous, efficient and accurate manner
    • Anticipates guests needs thoughtfully and eagerly
    • Maintains a calm, serene and pleasant disposition
    • Handles guest customer complaints calmly, proactively
    • Seeks ways to constantly delight the guest
    • Cleans and prepares treatment beds before and after each client.
    • Ensures cleanliness and hygiene of treatment rooms at all times. Ensures all therapist documentation is completed at the end of each day i.e. Guest records, stock lists, log book updates
    • Restocks all professional products in designated treatment rooms by
    • Completing the stock order sheet to ensure full stocking at all times
    • Checks status of facilities and equipment
    • Records all equipment and facility issues in the logbook.
    • Inform immediate supervisor of equipment & facility issues.
    • Fill in own spa records and documents ie. Commission sheets and submit at end of each month
    • Participates in ongoing training programs
    • Continually build expertise on range of treatments delivered
  3. SALES
    • Promote the sale of products within the spa
    • Offer information about retail products to purchase at the spa shop
    • Help in ongoing promotions and to assist in services & product sales
    • Broaden the range of treatments you can deliver
    • Upgrade the treatments you deliver through practice and feedback.
    • Meet with the spa trainer at least once a month for training updates